Saturday, 22 December 2012

Wanham 21-12-2012

Now to test the 60D, although their went lots of birds their were a lot of bright colors around, from the Siskins (Carduelis spinus) to the Lesser Redpoll (Carduelis cabaret) they were all they to feed. This gave me a great opportunity to try out the camera. They first thing I noticed was the amount of noise which was showing on the screen at 800ISO which really should be fine to say the least of this camera as my older 50D could do this was ease but never the less I carried on shooting ignoring this. Next test was the FPS this was sold as being 1 frame slower then the 50D but it when using it is did seem a lot slower, but as I always think that if you can't capture the shot with one photo why take another. I know I'm moaning a bit but another issue which I need to over come if the fact there is no button to change the White Balance the camera takes the images at, this is a real issue as you then spent a minute going through the menu changing the settings so it is correct for the light you are taking in. But never the less there are some positives, one being the increase in Pixels from 15.1MP to 18MP, the folding screen, the button on the mode dial which locks it stopping it moving while you move between shoots and even though I said early I saw noise on the images on the back of the screen once I got the home and loaded them on my computer, with no editing it all disappeared as you can see in the image below taken at 3200ISO of a Grey Squirrel (Sciurus carolinensiseating some seed..

This is a 303% in crop of the squirrels tail and you can clearly see that there isn't even much noise at this magnification which is impressive bearing in mine I took it at 3200 ISO. 

New Canon 60D

Since I broke one of my Canon 50D by tripping over on the beach I filled in a insurance claim and because f the extent of the damage sadly it couldn't be repair so instant the insurer sent me a brand new Canon 60D!! Maybe not my first choice but I'm over the moon later will be over to Warnham to test the camera out.

Below is a quick picture of it on my Canon 400mm F5.6, you can see the fold out screen which should come in handy when taking any macro shots.

New Blog

Hi Everyone,

Since Yola have recently decided to stop running there own blog they have disabled a few key features to their blog, for instance the ability to follow the blog and numerous other features.

Hope this doesn't inconvenience anyone,

Oliver Wilks
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