Saturday, 25 January 2014

Godrevy, Hell Mouth and Swanpool

Today I managed it, I went out on a shoot for the first time in two weeks! My first decided was what camera to take and then where to go. The answer to the first question was simple a Nikon D800E with a Nikon 300mm F2.8 from the university and the next answer was Godrevy. One of my favourite spots in Cornwall.

Upon arriving there I took some photos of the waves has they smashed against the rocks, it is amazing the force that they hit the cliffs surrounding the coast every day. On my walk around I also noticed a small stew of Oystercatchers on the rocks down below so I decided it was a good idea to make my way down, as you see below it was a bit of a drop, your be glad to know I made it back up safely. Unfortunately though me sliding down the cliff alerted the Oystercatchers to my presence and they flew off before i could even lift my camera.

The cliff I hiked up.

After leaving Godrevy I headed to Hellsmouth to see if the Falmurs had returned to the cliffs that make this location so popular. When I arrived there was the sound of the males calling to the females trying to attract their mates. This gave me a great opportunity to photograph this behaviour and as they flew down and landed on the cliffs. 

My final stop before I went home was to Swanpool beach, where I made my way around the rocks trying to have a second attempt of photographing the Oystercatchers, this time with more success although not the final image I wanted but a great start !