Wednesday, 26 March 2014


Hey Everyone,

I am now up in Cairmgorms and will be updating my activities when ever I can, mainly through my twitter account but do not worry I will be keeping this blog updating as well.

So far we have traveled from Falmouth, Cornwall up to the Lake District where we stayed in YHA Windermere, which had to be one of the well kept Youth Hostels I have ever been in!! With a beautiful view across the lake from our bedroom window. Today we carried on the journey up to Cairmgorms, to Easter Corrie Holiday Cottages, where we are spending the next 7 nights before we make our way back down to Sussex.

Africa blog is still to come and I am slowly putting it together, there is so much to say it was unbelievable !!

Saturday, 1 March 2014

Down on the Lizard

Not only was I in the studio on Thursday, where I was shooting portraits of Emily for her portfolio (Posted on my twitter and Facebook Page) but during the day I was able to get out in the sun down on the Lizard, the focus of the shoot was to look at locations that I could photograph for one of my new projects that focuses on species that are the focus of a Biodiverisy Action Plan in Cornwall, I've included a link to the main species included in this, it is worth a look at and then matching them to their plan just to get to know each of these species a bit more.

Back to the shoot, well I started at Windmill Farm, a Cornwall Wildlife Trust reserve that I visited a lot back in the summer months of 2013. This was my first visit of 2014 and I wanted to focus on the ponds that can be found there. As per expected their wasn't much to been in these areas at this time but they were still great to see how they have coped with the recent storms, another bonus of the location is that is it near the army base and they use the air space a lot to practise flying their fighter jets and helicopters, making windmill farm a great place to sit and watch them fly over.

The next location on my list was Lizard Point, in summer this is the place to go to see coughs, unfortunately they haven't arrived yet but the site is on the coast and is home to skylarks and other coast birds along with some great views as the waves crash against the cliffs creating a dramatic atmosphere to photograph. While I was there I found a new favourite spot to add to my list for locations which involved walking down what they classed as "slippery steps" it turned out this meant wet smooth rocks angled at different angles and a small ladder and a jump to get onto the beach, but boy was it worth it!!

My final visiting spot before I headed home for the shoot in the evening was Kynance Cove, an amazing location, that everyone with a camera should visit. This time I was focusing on a small stream that runs down into the sea. This captured the location from a different angle and I believe it is this that makes it my favourite shot from the shoots, especially as it is one that I have never thought about doing before and so stands out from the classic shot of the cove.

Having selected these locations and taking these images, I am now looking at way to make them more aesthetic and stand out against another image.