Monday, 17 February 2014

Porpoise & Seal pup Autopsy

Today I got the chance to film and photograph a autopsy that Exeter University had arrange in their science lab. Throughout the process they talked everyone through what they were doing and how the two species had specially adapted to life under the sea, from their eyes to how the insides of the porpoise is design to lower nitrogen getting into the blood stream that if it did would have the same affect that divers experience if they spend too long at depths underwater.

The porpoise had died from a head on collision with a bottle nose dolphin. which was most likely started because of territory although they can not be certain as they found it strained on the beach. Below I have put some of my favourite images from the process, I am back there tomorrow where they will be carrying out a similar process on a Bottle nose dolphin and a porpoise fetus that they came across today.


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