Thursday, 18 April 2013

Here Comes Spring

My first visit back to Swanpool after the Easter break, up until today I hadn't seen any signs of spring, but today was the day. Even when I was pulling up in my car I noticed that everything was a lot greener then my previous visit. Flowers were appearing and leaves were growing on the trees, over the next few weeks I will be monitoring this change in seasons and how the wildlife changes as well.

Not only had the plants had enough of winter so had the birds, if anyone remembers I mentioned before the coots fighting over territory and building nest and here is the result......

2 small eggs just itching  to hatch and 2 new lives will join this world and open their eyes for the first time. Sadly this is a moment of great happiness but also sadness because instead of being welcomed by a clean nest and pollution free environment their first sight will be the little that has been collected into there nest and has been caught up in the reeds around them.

Would you like to be born surround by litter ??

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