Sunday, 7 April 2013

Pulborough - Coldwaltham Fields - Arundel

Spent yesterday out photographing, starting at Pulborough with Dad looking for the Adder, what a wonderful day to have off work. We headed around the reserve to the lower area in search of 1 and within a few minutes I spotted a black thing by the path. We slowly moved closer as not to disturb it and started snapping away while it basked in the sun.

Adder - Vipera berus

Adder - Vipera berus

After we had taken out shots we headed back to the visitors center, on the way seeing some wigeon and rabbits.

Wigeon - Anas penelope

Rabbit -Leporidae

Once we got back to the car Dad went home and I carried on to Arundel, stopping off at Coldwaltham fields in search for the barn owls, sadly they weren't around and so I got back in the car and carried on.

Upon arrival to Arundel I made my way through the hides and but there was much around due to the large number of people visiting the center today. Although I did find some Mallard ducklings which were nice as them and the Adder were my first signs of spring.

Mallard Ducklings - Anas platyrhynchos

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