Sunday, 3 November 2013

Godrevy at rough seas

A quick trip to Godrevy yesterday lead to an amazing site as they waves smashed against the rocks. Before I'd left the house however I came across of a major issue, probably the most stupid thing I've done this year when it comes to photography!! I left my Nd and Polarising filters inside a bag I hired with a camera from the photography stores last week when I was photography the tide at Swanpool beach. I quickly went and reported my stupidity and am now in wait in hope who ever has the bag notices and is honest enough to give them back.

But back to the shoot itself down in Falmouth it was a bit windy but nothing compared to what we were met with when we got to Godrevy. We could feel it from the car as it hit the sides, when we looked out at the sea the waves were crashing hard against the rock in which we normal stand to photography to lighthouse, even the surfers which normally coat the beach weren't in sight. Most people watched it from the cars, upon arrival we got out the car and had only a short about of time before our lens were coated in water and we were unable to photograph anymore.

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