Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Kennall Vale + Godrevy

My filters came today!! A Hitech ND8 (0.9) and a Cokin P164 filter along with a P Series Holder to take them and on the perfect day, clear blue skies and the odd cloud to add interest too them by not effect the lighting, a day of shooting at 100 ISO I think!!

Back to Kennall Vale I go, in the hope to capture the Dippers but upon arrival I noticed that there was more water gushing down the river meaning the water level has risen and the rocks the dippers normally stand on were all underwater. I was able to capture some images of the water pouring down the sides of the rocks faces that line the valley.

After my visit to Kennall Vale I headed over to Godrevy to see if I could capture the sunset. Having arrived around 3pm the first thing I noticed was the high winds the second was the beautiful skies. I had plenty of time before the sunset so I decided to had a walk around the area and see how the high winds were affecting the area. Throughout the trip I had to constantly clean my lens and filter due spray off the sea hitting my lens. This caused a constant problem as any spec on the filter or lens ruined every photo, and the problem got worse and worse until I had to call it a night.

Here are a few of the images I was able to capture:

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