Thursday, 3 January 2013

Warnham LNR 03-12-2012

Today I went again to Warnham LNR, much like Waltham Brooks the reserve had been affected by the recent rains meaning that the lake and the rivers flowing into it were all raised in water level. Instead of going the normal route through Warnham LNR I first headed for the Walnut Plantation  here I didn't find any deer which was the main reason for my visit to this part of the reserve but as I walked around I stopped and listened and watched to see what I could see and on one occasion a Goldcrest appeared out of no where on a tree close by. Below is one of the images I captured before he disappeared into the wood.

After my walk around the plantation I went into Heron Hide to see if I could see the Goosander which had been spotted there for he last few days, after a while I slowly started to think that maybe that it had moved on, but all of a sudden as I watched a heron fly off I noticed a small white blob which it flew over. After a closer look through my camera I realized that was it the Goosander, a lovely male all alone on the other side of the lake. Below is one of the images, however it is quite heavily cropped as the bird was quite far away.

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