Sunday, 20 January 2013


This morning been at Swanpool, getting there just before 8 in time to catch the lake at first light. Although the clouds were blocking my view of the sun, a quick dash to the top of the lake created a interesting shot looking back at the car park.

While I was there I was filming the lake from different locations which I will combine to show the lake. So for anyone who is thinking about going but isn't sure, or if you have been and want to know where I go, take a look here, although not massive the lake does have some key spots which I suggest everyone visits!
On my walk round I was followed by a set of Long Tailed Tits, although due to the little light and they wouldnt stop moving I was unable to capture any shot it was nice to seen them flying in between all the bare twigs in the trees. On my way round it although threw up some surprises, first was a pair of Bullfinch who were sat up on top of one of the trees in the wooded area, my first ones for Swanpool and although not the best shots never the less my first ever photographs the these beautify birds.

The next surprise was just round the corner when I stopped to try and warm up, after standing still for a few minutes I looked down and right in front of me was a Water rail, so I quickly switched onto my 400mm lens and started snapping away, but suddenly it ran off, thinking it was me I stayed still in the hope it would come but then it did running across to the other side but this time being chased by another. After the dispute was over one went right and the other was back to feeding in front of me. 

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