Saturday, 19 January 2013

Tuesday 15th January to Now

Sorry for the lack of post to but been cracking down and getting some work down, plus tried to calbrate my laptop screen which was causing more problems then it was solving.

Anyway so what have I been up to, lets start on Tuesday 15th January, Today I went to Swanpool Nature Reserve to carry on with a University project on the habitat there and too see is I could capture any species which I hadn't seen there before. In doing so I found a very friendly Robin, here he is:

In the same area of Swanpool (Around by the wooded area) I also saw a pair of Jays, Great Tits and Goldcreast all in a small area of woodland. This just shows how standing in the same place even for only a few minutes you notice things you may not have seen otherwise.

Thursday 17th January

While I was at Swanpool I took some samples of the habitat to take some shots in a "Studio" environment  Where I was able to control the lighting using a dedicated flash. Unlike the samples I took of Trebah with this shoot I did it in my room, to take these image I used a piece of black card to create a black background to my image and then a dedicated flashgun ( Canon 430EXII ) connected to a wireless trigger so I could move it around without any cords getting in the way.

Here you can see a flower that I found laying on the floor ( I didn't pick it promise ) and after a closer look I found that it was covered in pollen.

You can see how the black piece of card has created this back background which has blackened it. This draws the attention to the flower and by using a wide aperture I was able to capture just a individual flower in focus.

Friday 18th January (Today)

Back on the Microscope and this time equipped with a Canon mount and a 60D and the samples that I took from Swanpool on Tuesday and photographed yesterday, although starting to die they were still interesting once put under the microscope. My main subject was the pollen off of the flower that I found, this once spread onto a slide and a wet mounted created an interesting effect. My favorite of the image although "technically" incorrect as they are being held together by a air bubble which shouldn't be there, as my lecturer suggested. This creates the effect of it being a cloud and sun symbol off of a weather forecast.

I'm back in there next week to capture some new images of new samples, so keep your eyes out theres plenty more to come!!

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