Thursday, 29 August 2013

Warnham Workshop & Butterflies on the South Downs

Had a great day yesterday with the Crabb family, teaching their two children about some of the amazing wildlife that can be found at Warnham LNR. While there they borrowed my cameras to use and learn how to photograph some of the species we found. Both of them have the makings to become great wildlife photographers in the future!

If anyone else wants some help with their photography please visit my website ( and please hesitate to contact me.

Today me and Dad went down to the South Downs by Shoreham, we were hunting for Adonis Blue (Polyommatus bellargus), Along the bank of the hill we found a number of blue butterflies, trying to identify them when they were in flight was impossible only when they landed. After they did land however they seemed flighty and wouldn't let us get within a few feet of them without flying away. Only when they landed for a feed on some old dandelion flowers were we able to get some shots. THis also gave us a chance to identify which species we were looking at.

Common Blue - Polyommatus icarus

Common Blue - Polyommatus icarus

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