Friday, 27 September 2013

Hells Mouth + Godrevy

Been out photographing again today. This time with house mates, we went to the north coast of visiting Hells Mouth and Godrevy, starting at Hell Mouth where I wanted to see if I could spot the Kestrel family that have been seen there recently.

While there we had some lovely views of 5 Grey seal pups on the beach and as we were just leaving we saw two of the Kestrels fly over which was fantastic to see even if we were unable to photograph them.

Grey Seal - Halichoerus grypus

Moving on to Godrevy we were mainly focused on getting some landscape images, it was a bright day which made it hard to capture images out to sea (towards the sun) but with the help of a ND filter and a Polarising filter we made do and got some fantastic images.

Landscape from Godrevy

Hopefully during my time here I will capture many more constantly improving on the ones I took previously.

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