Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Out Filming

Sadly no dive images again this week, last week was due to bad buoyancy on my side this week because of a bad cold in which my diving buddy has come down with, which means he couldn't dive together so we will have to make up another week.

So instead of wasting the day I met up with a fellow student, who I am working on a moving image project with and we did some filming. For this project we needed to show a process which relates to natural history, the catch is that we can't use any sound or text in the video that has to be exactly 60 seconds (1 minute) long.

Our chosen process is the process of a landscape photographer from getting his stuff ready right through to taking the final photo at the location. At the end of the video we needed a shot of the final shot so here it is, not my best photo but at the same time works well with the video.

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