Monday, 7 October 2013

The Search for Stackhouse Cove

Had a great day out yesterday where I went out with two of my house mates in the hope of getting an idea what the fishery at Newlyn is like and then after searching for Stackhouse Cove where we had been shown some great landscapes and told about a friendly Kestrel that had been seen there.

The view from within at Rinsey

So first things first the fishery, we had a wander around the pier area. Where we captured some nice images of all the fishing boats moored at the harbour. We even had the chance to watch two of the fishing boats come in with a fresh load.

Harbour at Newlyn

While there we often found ourselves nears some friendly juvenile Turnstones which seems to patrol the edge of the pier.

Juvenile Turnstones - Arenaria interpres

Along with the Turnstones we also saw a young Cormorant, who was allowing us to get close to him and capture some great photos of him with his feet just dipped in the water.

Juvenile Cormorant - Phalacrocorax carbo

From Newlyn Pier we went searching for Stackhouse Cove, in the process we found a small car park, a beach and a cafe where we asked a number of different people none of which knew where or of Stackhouse Cove, it was as if it didn't exist. We however ended up at a National Trust car park called Rinsey, where we captured a lovely show from inside a chimney and a slow motion show of the waves coming in and out over the rocks surround the coast.

Rocks at Rinsey

After taking some great photos we headed back to base and waited for sun down, where we headed out once again this time to Pendennis Point. Where we captured some images of the amazing stars that cover the star every night and yet most of us are normally indoors at this point and don't see them. 

While there I used my phone torch to light the building or subject for a few seconds then leave the camera shutter open for the remained of the 30" shutter speed I was using to light up the nights sky and allow me to capture some great skyscrapers. Hopefully I will be improving on them in the next few weeks as the sun sets earlier allowing me to get out earlier and earlier.

Stars at Pendennis Point 

While out on Saturday I was using a Nikon D800E which is Nikons new full frame camera with a whooping 36.3MP allowing me to get the best image quality within my images. Over the next year I will get this camera out a few more times and try and get some amazing images with this outstanding number of pixels.

Stars at Pendennis Point 

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