Thursday, 24 October 2013

Tehidy Taster Day

Today I was helping out on a taster day, in this I looked after two hopeful students which wanted to see what a day in the life of a student was like. Today was also the first years trip to Tehidy Country Park where they had a brief to capture a number of different images such as landscapes and species shots.

While there I spoke to the taster students about any questions they have about the course and what they thought of it so far. Nearer the end of the day we spoke about photography techniques and how to capture their images in a  different manner to make them stand out.

Grey Squirrel - Sciurus carolinensis

As always the the squirrels were as friendly as ever and allowed us get close to them, of course as long as we had some nuts.

Grey Squirrel - Sciurus carolinensis

While there we also came across some cauliflower fungus at the stump of a tree. This rare fungus stands out and is easily spotted but is rare and often never seen. 

Cauliflower Fungus - Sparassis

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